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PLRB has decided to rebook the Technology & Claims Symposium to the Summer of 2022. We were optimistic about holding a meeting this year, with plans underway to meet live in Denver. However, we received word that Major League Baseball decided to move their All-Star game from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO. Their event dates coincide with our meeting dates. We expect a greater turnout for 2022, with attendees getting more freedom from their companies to do more business travel and of those willing and able, a majority, if not all, of the attendees vaccinated. We look forward to seeing all of you next June. Thank you for your continued support of PLRB.

Bringing Tomorrow's Technology To Today's Claims

Come join industry leaders in Denver, Colorado, July 12-13, as we examine current and future trends and possibilities as technology helps us improve current efficiencies and practices for claims professionals. Over two days, we'll provide interactive educational sessions for insurance professionals, helping you explore the numerous ways technology is changing the way claims are being managed and adjusted. Participants will select from a variety of technology-focused claims courses.

We'll also feature an Expo with 60+ service providers from across the nation who are intimately involved in these new technologies and can provide information and solutions that address many of the changes you are facing now and in the near future.

If you want to explore many of the new technology options that are currently available to claims professionals or that are on the way, this is the place to be. Registration is free for all PLRB member company employees.

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