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Workshops are 60 minutes hours in length and held twice during the Conference.

3D Imaging Technology in Property Claims

  • Describe the equipment used to provide 3d imaging technology on property claims
  • Explain how 3D technology can quickly and thoroughly capture damages after a property loss
  • Convert 3D technology images into property estimates
  • Use virtual evidence for the courtroom to experience the claim
  • Advancements in Automotive Technology: Infotainment and Telematics (Black Boxes)

  • Provide the attendees with a brief background on these technologies, how the data is collected, and what type of data can be collected
  • Explore the newest technologies and provide case studies giving real world examples of how these technologies were applied to claims
  • Overall, the attendees will develop an understanding of how these technologies apply to their work, when to pursue obtaining this data, and the limitations of this data
  • Approaches to Spotting Fraud Faster and Resolving Claims More Efficiently

  • Understand the methods and technologies used to identify potential fraud in the claims process
  • Gain insight into the technologies available to claims professionals in the fight against fraud – along with the pros and cons of each
  • Address how artificial intelligence can be used to apply context to suspicious claims to aid claims handlers and investigators alike
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency’s Relevance to Insurance: Today and Moving Forward

  • Define cryptocurrency and how it’s developed to date
  • Learn about the larger technology: blockchain & it uses
  • Explore the upcoming uses of blockchain technology
  • Bridging Virtual Claims Technology

  • Navigate through multiple technological methodologies to best suit your current claims handling model
  • Manage and conclude claims through virtual technology in an efficient and accountable manner; saving time and money while enhancing corporate value and customer service
  • Control risk exposure through instant visualization of damages and potential subrogation
  • Consumer Electronics and the IoT: Digital Evidence

  • Identify the kinds of digital evidence that are created by internet of things connected devices
  • Know how to get access to various forms of digital evidence from consumer electronics
  • Utilize the digital evidence as part of a potential investigation in the claims or litigation process
  • Cyber Claims and Security

  • Review various types of events that can lead to cyber claims under first-and third-party policies
  • Describe methods for investigating distinct types of cyber claims to determine the cause,impact, and recovery options
  • Develop crisis response techniques, including assembling an effective response team, gathering and retaining evidence, preventing further damage, and fulfilling notification obligations
  • Driving Change Leadership in the Tech World

  • Identify the key components of effective change leadership
  • Differentiate between efforts likely to produce positive results and those likely to fail
  • Evaluate the likelihood of a proposed change leadership effort being successful
  • Apply the element of the effective change leadership to their own organization
  • Driving Safety and the Impact Technology Has on Loss Adjusting

  • Describe some of the latest advance driver-assistance systems that are being introduced
  • Discuss the impact this trend is having on driving conditions and the automotive repair industry
  • Explain some of the new technologies being introduced to address these specialized repairs in a more effective and affordable way
  • Drones: Looking Beyond the Buzz

  • Engage in a thought provoking session around drone technology
  • Identify successes and failures with program design and implementation, while ideating around potential applications and use cases for the future
  • Examine current tools and technology that enhance a drone program
  • How Technology is Revolutionizing Roof Assessments

  • Identify when you need to use a roofing lab and the cutting-edge tests roofing labs can perform
  • Understand both the capabilities and limitations of drones for roof investigations, including the use of infrared thermography
  • Determine the proper in-field testing that may need to be performed to properly evaluate complex roofs
  • Learning to Innovate

  • Understand the skills and behaviors that drive innovation
  • Identify and research innovative opportunities that impact their organization's strategy
  • Effectively communicate their ideas to peers and leaders
  • Use automated search tools and advanced search features to gather information
  • Leveraging Construction Technology of Tomorrow

  • Review technologies that are emerging in the construction industry
  • Understand and asses the value of data collected through new technologies
  • Recognize the impact of these new technologies through foresight of risks and hindsight of claims
  • Leverage new technologies and data output with claims, litigation, and expert witness testimony
  • Looping in Eye Witnesses: How Policyholders Can Help Speed Up Claims

  • Learn how connecting with policyholders early speeds up claims resolutions and builds customer confidence
  • Develop strategies for keeping policyholders connected to the claims team throughout the process
  • Identify key areas in your workflow where collaborative tech can automate simple claims
  • PLRB Services: SEARCH, CATs, & Codes

  • Integrate weather/CAT datasets and map services into your claims workflows
  • Conduct historical weather searches using PLRB's interactive mapping applications
  • Locate the correct building codes and amendments for any jurisdiction for property and casualty claims
  • Discover new research tips and shortcuts using PLRB Search database
  • Access the latest property and liability cases, emerging issues, and other updated PLRB materials
  • Property Claim Estimate Review Optimization

  • Understand how technology can automate the estimate review process
  • Develop an understanding of how to drive consistency in estimating using technology
  • Increase the rate of compliance and quality in estimating using technology
  • Utilize technology to better triage estimate reviews given claim volume variability,Use technology to increase partnership between carriers and service providers
  • Revolutionizing Readiness with Smart Glasses

  • Describe the need for additional loss adjusting talent
  • Explain how smart glasses are being used to train new loss adjusters
  • Discuss the impact smart glasses are having on loss adjusting process and recruitment
  • Smart Tech for Property Adjusters: Reducing Cycle Time & Satisfying Customers

  • Understand the time and cost-savings associated with technologies like HOVER to resolve claims
  • Identify the right technology to inspect a claim
  • Understand how to use technology to effectively reduce cycle times, produce more accurate estimates and improve the customer experience
  • Effectively communicate to the home or business owner about the benefits of using the technology in the claims process
  • Technology and the “Disruption” of Claims Investigations

  • Identify a timeline over the past 50 years of technology used in claims investigations cumulating with use of our current tools
  • Employ technology to strongly document onsite damages that includes 3-D scanners, infrared thermography and 360 cameras
  • Develop a super-organized, easy-to-access, time-lapse capable system to better illustrate onsite damages
  • Tracking the Trucking Industry: Cost Control

  • Identify technology available to the trucking and fleet management industry
  • Determine relevant data from technology to rate and assist trucking and fleet clients
  • Employ strategies from data to assess exposure

    POSTPONED: After much consideration, PLRB has decided to reschedule the 2020 PLRB Technology & Claims Symposium until summer 2021. While we were on board to hold it as a live meeting this year, with company travel bans and the uncertainty around the ability to hold large meetings, we have made the decision to reschedule and look forward to holding this meeting next summer. We will continue to monitor all factors, yet are hopeful our Regional and Large Loss Conferences will go forward as planned in 2020.

    Bringing Tomorrow's Technology To Today's Claims

    Come join industry leaders in Denver, Colorado, August 13 -14, as we examine current and future trends and possibilities as technology helps us improve current efficiencies and practices for claims professionals. Over two days, we'll provide interactive educational sessions for insurance professionals, helping you explore the numerous ways technology is changing the way claims are being managed and adjusted. Participants will select from a variety of technology-focused claims courses.

    We'll also feature an Expo with 60+ service providers from across the nation who are intimately involved in these new technologies and can provide information and solutions that address many of the changes you are facing now and in the near future.

    If you want to explore many of the new technology options that are currently available to claims professionals or that are on the way, this is the place to be. Registration is free for all PLRB member company employees.

    PLRB greatly appreciates the following claims service providers for their outstanding support for the 2020 Technology and Claims Symposium.

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